Drainage Solutions

Do you get nervous every time the weatherman predicts a little bit of rain?

Our clay soils and difficult grades are the most common landscape challenge facing our clients. We’ve got your solutions!


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Drainage Solutions

We here at DEL excel at designing creative solutions to alleviate any rainwater drainage challenge. Almost any contractor with a wheelbarrow and a pickup truck can simply add dirt next to your home and say you’ve got proper drainage. But how confident are you in their abilities and knowledge? 

That’s what sets us apart. Rain Gardens, French drains, dry-wells, bio-swales, dry-creek beds, EPDM rubber membrane, overhead conveyance. We’re able to create a solution specific to your property, your budget, and your future landscape plans. Let’s do it right the first time. Our favorite drainage solution is always a rain garden!

Drainage Solutions
Installing Draining Solutions for Your Property

Downspout & Sump-Pump Diversions

Outside of foundation and ponding issues, diverting downspouts and sump-pumps are one of the most common things we do for drainage.

Think of all the time that is wasted every week when you have to drag those black plastic drain tile extensions around the yard just to mow. Or the swamp your sump-pump creates when it’s running every five minutes. We can eliminate that for good. 

Typically, we install a catch basin, drain tile, and a pop-up emitter. (See photo gallery below for details). These drainage systems usually range from $450-$800+ depending upon a few different, very important factors. 

1. Current condition of basement and foundation

2. How much water is collected in the project area either through the grade or the square footage of the roof

3. Existing surrounding grades and exit strategy for extreme rain / stormwater events

This will help us determine the ideal solution for you.

Glendale Rain Garden

Project Showcase

Glendale, Wisconsin Rain Garden Project

Whitefish Bay Rain Garden

Project Showcase

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Rain Garden Project