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Our mission at DEL is to create the landscape that fits your needs, your wallet, and your dreams. We love maximizing every square foot of your property and will build you a landscape specific to your property.



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Our team takes a lot of pride in approaching each and every one of your outdoor spaces with a higher knowledge base than most landscapers. We can build a traditional landscape with turf grass and a few trees. However, we thrive in creating complex landscapes that involve every facet of your outdoor space and your surrounding neighborhood.

When creating your design, we take all aspects of the landscape into consideration. Everything plays a role including the soil, hydrology (rain water), sun exposure, present day desires and future dreams.

Building & Designing Your Landscape
A map showing planting and restoration

Opportunities For Your Outdoor Living Space


Rain Barrel

Dry Creek Bed


Native Plants for Wildlife

Curb Appeal

Outdoor Living Spaces

Retaining Walls





Vegetable Garden

Raised Garden Beds

Playground Areas


Dog Friendly Spaces

Habitat Installation – Woods, Prairie, Wetland

We love challenges at DEL! Why? Because we crush them!

During your first consultation, DEL will provide a complete walk through of your entire property. Unlike other contractors, we look far beyond the problem at hand. We love educating and providing critical information to help you get the absolute most out of your time, your money, and the asset you have in your outdoor space.

We understand the necessity for budgeting and planning. We love working with our clients to maximize every square foot, every hour of manual labor, and every penny. We do things that make sense not just for the present but for the long term as well. Whether this is a place you’re in for the next six months or the next sixty years, we can plan for that.

We will design your property to become a wonderful space that not only gives you the ultimate functionality but also year round beauty, biodiversity, wildlife, and sustainability.

We encourage everyone to challenge their landscape contractor. Many say they are experts in everything but truly don’t have the experience or the education to do a project correctly. Furthermore, many just can’t hold up to the quality and professional standards DEL has and that’s why they’re so cheap. Unfortunately, we frequently end up having to clean up other contractor’s mistakes. Wasting money is bad enough, but the time and anxiety dealing with a bad contractor isn’t worth it. Get it done right the first time! 

Waukesha New Construction

Project Showcase

Waukesha, Wisconsin Landscaping Project

Muskego New Construction

Project Showcase

Muskego, WI Construction Project


Building a New Landscaping Design
Building a New Landscaping Design
Building a New Landscaping Design
Building a New Landscaping Design
Building a New Landscaping Design
Building a New Landscape Design